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USHMM Internship- Final Reflection

This internship has made me even more aware of the nature of positions in the public history field. Prior to this internship, academic courses prepared me with proper background knowledge to the field including: what to expect, issues of debate within the field, how to handle situations as they arise, and the importance of identifying [...]

USHMM Internship- Challenges

The challenges I faced and attempted to address throughout my internship occurred on both the visitor services front and behind the scenes with my exhibition/collections work. Belcher states that “the interface between the institution and the public” occurs in different points of contact, including hands-on and behind the scenes.[1] I was privileged to be able [...]

USHMM Internship- Informational Interview

I interviewed Ramee, Exhibition Coordinator at USHMM, who is also my supervisor while I am on-site at the Portals building on Mondays. I chose to interview Ramee because she is not only accessible but is also willing to share wise advice for someone aspiring to obtain a career in the public history field. I am [...]

USHMM Internship – Five Week Update

It is already the fifth week of my internship with USHMM and I can honestly say that I continue to love every minute of it. The public presents its unique challenges and tests of patience, but then surprises me with moments of sincerity and appreciation. The experiences this internship is presenting to me- in terms [...]

USHMM Internship – Two Week Update

My internship has taken on two forms since we last met at the end of the semester. I am still serving on the front lines with Visitor Services at USHMM twice a week, while once I week I serve at USHMM’s portals building with Ramee Gentry. This is going to give me much needed experience [...]

Summary of Digital History Project

Much has changed throughout the development process for my digital history online resource since my initial proposal. While the content is the same as in the proposal, it has taken many attempts to decide on an appropriate site design and layout. After several versions of the website, different themes, customizing different headers, and actually moving [...]

Projects, Internships, Deadlines… oh my!

I wanted to take a moment to update my blog since the past few weeks I’ve been focusing on the digital history resource website for our class. After meeting with my professor and realizing I was placing my resource within my blog page, I spent the next few days moving it to its own specific [...]

Digital History Website Review

“Give Me Your Children: Voices from the Lodz Ghetto”. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. Due to the sheer size and array of links on the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum’s official website, my online web-site review will concentrate on the online exhibit entitled “Give Me Your Children: Voices from the Lodz Ghetto.” Because the [...]

Digital History Final Project Proposal

“So let us not weep, let us not moan, and to spite all enemies, let us smile, only smile, that they may be amazed at what the Jews are capable of.”—Lodz Ghetto: Inside a Community Under Siege, 230. The proposal for my final project centers on a research paper which I produced for an independent [...]

AU- Voices of Terezin

This past weekend I was able to attend the Friday night performance of “Voices of Terezin” at AU. This was a two part presentation, the first of which was a musical offering while the second portion was a short drama. While the showings of the Terezin performance at AU concluded this past Sunday, I encourage [...]