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Projects, Internships, Deadlines… oh my!

I wanted to take a moment to update my blog since the past few weeks I’ve been focusing on the digital history resource website for our class. After meeting with my professor and realizing I was placing my resource within my blog page, I spent the next few days moving it to its own specific site. To see the almost-finished project, “Women in Lodz: What Equipped them for Survival”, go to Any feedback on this site in the next few weeks will be greatly appreciated as I am trying to make some last minute adjustments before the projects and presentations are due.

On another note, the Arlington Wayside project I introduced at the beginning of the semester is drawing to close. My partner and I are currently using Adobe InDesign to layout and create the wayside signs according to NPS guidelines. At this point, we are each doing three signs to be placed at various locations and to honor different events and people at ARHO and Arlington cemetery. The final portion of this project for Public History Practicum, will culminate in a presentation from every group on May 4th.

Finally, I recently found out that I will be serving as a summer intern at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. I look forward to the experience and I will update my blog accordingly throughout the summer.

In the next few weeks I will be posting a reflection about my online digital history resource and the development process. I hope you keep reading and check out the new site!

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