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New Project Proposal

Facebook Administrator and

Project Proposal

1. Personal Blog: Throughout the course of this internship I have been maintaining a personal website where I blog about my experiences at the museum. This is also my reflection space for public history graduate work and to discuss relevant topics, readings, and historical content. I have posted this link, as per Joe’s request, on the facebook page. I will continue to post reflections on my blog regarding the museum and link that to the page in order to increase discussion and to raise issues for discourse. This could encourage fellow interns and staff to engage in discourse and share experiences with one another.

2. Facebook Administration – Moderating Discussion Page: In addition to linking personal blog discussions, and hopefully those of others, I will also help with maintaining the intern facebook page. I would moderate the discussion page by raising questions or topics for interns to discuss. Also, I would highlight certain projects, such as Phoebe’s book club or special conferences/events, in hopes of creating a forum for interns to share and reflect. I would help with posting links and reading materials/points of interest. Also, I would respond appropriately to friend requests, making sure that only interns who are associated with the museum are added and able to participate in discussions. Finally, I would work with photo uploads of interns and tagging them accordingly.

3. Post-internship relations/discussions on facebook page: The final aspect of this proposal is maintaining relationships and connections with the interns after their internship is over. Aside from personal friendship and networking, it would be great to have a formal medium and project which continues to update and contact the intern via a representative from the institution. After an intern completes their internship with USHMM’s VS, they will scatter throughout the country and world in various professions, schooling, and areas of interest. The one thing they will have in common, undoubtedly, is this shared and life-changing experience at USHMM. This project would be a concerted effort to maintain contact information, professional information, and conduct interviews. I spoke with Joe, and doing this via phone or e-mail may generate a lot of red tape, where you could lose connections. Instead, this could be done using the intern facebook page and could contribute to discussion. I would contact the former intern with a message, explaining what it is I am doing and could ask for update contact information/professional information in a private message. Aside from that I could publicly ask them relevant questions, such as: How has the internship at USHMM affected you or contributed to your profession/where you are now? Share a memorable experience? Share advice for interns? Challenges? Interns would then respond to these questions publicly, on the discussion page of the facebook intern page. This could then create discussions among interns and staff.


The blogging and facebook maintenance (portions 1 & 2 of proposal) would be done continuously throughout the year. While this does not have to be daily, it does need to be updated frequently to maintain discussion, relevancy, and interest.

The final portion of the proposal (#3) is a slightly different timeline. I would need a few weeks to determine a set of interview discussion questions as well as compile the list of interns (from records and the facebook page) that have already left the institution. After that, I could begin contacting interns with private messages, informing them of the purpose of project, and begin questions on discussion page. I would have to break these down into sections so that there would not be too many discussions/ personal highlights going on that it overwhelms the page. We want a lot to be going on but also want enough attention to be given to each discussion. This could all be changed and adapted according to needs and status of interns and their leaving the museum.

(I still think it would be beneficial to maintain an electronic document or file that contains that updated contact/professional information (just for USHMM VS records) which can be then be updated periodically as messaging continues through facebook)


Finally, this project provides numerous benefits, both to the museum and to me. This would provide me with experience in coordinating a project as well as communicating with fellow interns. It would be excellent work experience for my future in museum work, as I will graduate next May and start looking for a job in the field. I will be able to list that I have experience in coordinating and facilitating discussions on a federal institution’s networking page.

This project can only benefit VS and future interns. This would provide a forum for former interns and present interns to learn from each other and engage in discussion, even if they may never meet one another. It will also create lasting relationships and contact between the institution and its interns. Just as the interns can say they served in a world class museum, USHMM can track interns and their success in professions and life, and say that those persons served as interns. USHMM can gain feedback from the discussions and questions raised to former interns. Present interns can connect with former interns, without having to meet them, yet still participate in those discussions. This will also provide another way for professional and personal networking. As the VS internship program continues to grow and thrive, it will be great to see “VS alum” spreading across the world, yet still maintaining their ties to the people and institution that helped get them where they are. No matter where we go or what time we served, we will have this institution in common with us. The institution can embrace maintaining these relations as well.